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Hello, hope all are well, just been brainstorming I have a doctor appt with my main adult family doctor in about a week. not sure if Im gonna talk about my hppd with them or not. I think im managing my hppd well and still have been sober completely and cut out caffeine and have noticed im doing bit better and noticing my symptoms less and just ignoring it. I dont think I wanna go on any medication so maybe talking to the doctor would just confuse them and think im drug seeking or something idk. would it be something to talk to psychiatrist or maybe they could refer me to one? maybe people who talked to doctors about it how did it go

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On 4/24/2023 at 9:49 PM, Fawkinchit said:

If you don't want to take any medications and you tell them that why would you think they would think that you are drug seeking?

drug seeking probably wrong word im just thinking worst case ig. just think like they wouldnt understand. also this doctor is kind of arrogant so maybe not sure how they respond to a disorder that wouldnt know about. but i know i dont wanna go on any medication unless clonezepam in the years future.

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