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Lamotrigine tolerance?

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So, i got this hell of a disorder february 21 -21 and after six weeks with it i managed to get prescribed Lamotrigin, which took away the brainfog, head pressure, regular visual hallucinations, well, everything except the static, halos, starbursts/glares, ghosting, bfep, floaters, palinopsia and mild tinnitus, so i atleast became functional. As a plus it also pretty much cured me from my aura migraines. Anyways, i've been on 200 mg for the past 11 months, but three weeks ago i woke up with an aura migraine, which was kind of a chock, and i got another one just two days later and som regular headache two days, which i normally never head, but since then i haven't had any more migraine or headache. Last week i got hit with a brainfog, mild dp and my pheripheral vision felt a bit off, but this passed later in the day. A few days later my visuals that the Lamotrigine did not take away got like 20-30% worse, and i got in to a panic, which you might understand. This lasted the entire day and the day after it was gone. But yesterday morning i got hit with the brainfog etc once again and it's still there today. So do you guys believe that this is my body building up a tolerance to the Lamotrigine?

The thing doesn't make me 100% certain of it is that when i got HPPD i was on 20 mg of Citalopram and had been it for nearly 14 years (suspect that the combo with THC is what caused it), so when i found out that SSRI's in rare cases can cause this it, i started to slowly taper of it, and today i'm at 5 mg. From 20-8 mg was quite easy, no mentionable withdrawals, but after that i got pretty severe anxiety and insomnia 4-5 days after each 0,5 mg decrease that lasted for a couple of weeks, which is common, since the lowest therapeutic dose gives around 80-90% of the effect. Anyways, once the withdrawals after my decrease to 4,5 mg went away i stood on that dose for a few months and was stable, but when going down to 4 mg all hell broke loose! I got hit with severe brainfog, feelings of unreality and 10/10 anxiety and my vision felt off, like i had difficulties focusing on things. These are all common withdrawal symptoms, but it was unbearable, so i backed up to 5 mg and after a few days i got better. So now i've been on 5 mg since december, so maybe these are a late onset of withdrawals? It doesn't explain the migraine though. Also, before all this started in early mars i had been splitting my 20 mg pill (has a score) and then cut away a piece of the pill, throwing the rest of the 10 mg piece away (use a precision scale). But i suspected that the active substance isn't even in the 10 mg piece, so maybe i got 3 mg one day, 8 another etc, so just a few days prior to the migraine i changed the way i did this, so instead of throwing away the rest of the 10 mg piece, i simply cut it in half, so that way i guaranteed got 10 mg in my system over 2 days. So maybe this is a reaction on getting a more stable dose in my system? For all i know it can be higher or lower now. What do you guys believe? Also, i haven't seen any of the visual hallucinations that i did prior to going on Lamotrigine, so that gives me hope that all this is because of the SSRI.

I'm literally scared shitless here and see the end closing in, because Lamotrigine literally saved my life, if it hadn't been for that i would with a 100% certainty be dead now. The past couple of days i've started preparing for the worst, because there is no way i will live with those symptoms on top of the typical VSS ones. God i'm so frustrated over getting this disorder, especially since i got it from trying to self medicate insomnia and back pain with cannabis, so it sure backfired.

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