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Palinopsia is one of my symptoms that organically improved - for me time was the greatest 'healer' of this. I mean, if I still 'look' for it and stare and then look away its there , but as a thing its definitely improved for me. Relax, stay away from booze and caffeine and drugs the best advice I can ever give after 30+ years of this. 

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On 3/12/2023 at 8:39 PM, help123 said:

Help please,it came out of the sudden and it s extremely annoyng

I guess I had that when I first got HPPD 25 years ago, but I don’t really remember because all of my other symptoms were worse. However, in 2012 I got it BAD for a couple of days and it felt like my head was squeezing so hard. It happened at work and I would look at my computer and there would be a square shape on the wall that would stay for a long time and I had to go home. At the time, I was chugging energy drinks, not realizing they were making my symptoms 10 million times worse. I didn’t even know I had HPPD at the time. So yeah good advice from Blossy-avoid alcohol, drugs, and caffeine…especially energy drinks!

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