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Being treated as schizophrenic, when it's HPPD..


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Hey all, I don't doubt I've got HPPD, but was living with a schizo diagnosis for the past 7 years. I take an antipsychotic, but have no effect on my HPPD stuff. Is anyone aware of a particular antipsychotic I should try?


My symptoms started around 2014, LSD heroic dose like 5 tabs 200ug, not sure exactly, memory is lost from the antipsychotics .. DMT in 2015 worsened it and have not lived an enjoyable day since.


Involuntary antipsychotic for a schizo diagnosis and a doctor that don't acknowledge HPPD in any form.


Any advice appreciatedcheers







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Which anti psychotic do you take? Did you have memory problems before the anti psychotic?

i take antipsychotic quetiapine although it's supposed to be shit for psychosis, it's acting as a mood stabiliser for me my doc said.

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