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hi everyone, need some advice


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Hi everyone ;)

I am reading for a while on this forum and now I have decided to sign up.

I think I have HPPD or Visual Snow or whatever it’s called.

I did three times MDMA and was a heavy weed smoker.

As I noticed the first symptoms like blue/red dots in the visionfield or mild afterimages

it didn’t bother me, smoked weed further because I didn’t know what this is.

But since that it gets worse day by day and it won’t stop to get worse.

So I decided to stop smoking weed (now 2 months) but that doesn’t change a thing. It get’s anyway worse day by day.

I was by a Neurologist, did a bunch of test inclusive MRT, eye exams (vep, erg, neurophtalmology tests,…). Everything came back normal.

He described me Lamictal because I told him that I have done a lot research, showed him prints about hppd, visual snow and what my symptoms (afterimages, ghosting, light sensitivity, colour sensations,…) are about.

So I am taking Lamictal about 8 weeks (now 100mg) and it does nothing for me.

As a result I decide to get Keppra or Klonopin from my Neuro.

My question to you what should I try first?

If it is hppd do this meds stop the healing process especially Klono? Or are they a bridge, if it’s healing, to me?

Thank you for your help

Yours Dave

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hey welcome to the forum!

my story is similar to yours,

you can find it here:


only i took every drug on this planet but am clean since the beginning of 2008. i was a heavy weed smoker for 11 years and had after afew psychodelic trips only slight visuals then after 3 yaers(sep 2011) i was in a stressful period took antibiotics and was still smoking weed and baaam a whole bunch of symptoms kicked in.

if you were a really heavy weed smoker it could take time to reset your brain. i read it could take 1 year or longer so i think thats why your symptoms are worsening.

but i think this will seatle down soon and your recovery can start.

my symptoms got better since i stopped weed in oct 2011, but they can spike if i have a bad day or something....

also i think your brain needs rest so maybe stay away of medicine for a while. if your symptoms are to overhelming try keppra or sinemet if these dont work flunarizine could be worth a try but stay away of benzos as long as possible..

i am drug free and wont try drugs yet because i can lhandle it atm...

take care

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hmm i would say yes but i have always one symptom which makes my angry mostly^^ this is the worst at this time then there is another one and so on.i think it has alot do to with mind about symptoms if you keep yourself busy and dont think about them they are alot better (in my case)

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yeah could be hard sometimes exspecially in the first few month.

what are your exact symptoms because it seems that an dopamine agonist like sinemet in germany carbidopa could help some like negative afterimages but you should read Visuals threads he is smarter in this medication topic...

i avoid speeking german because everybody could find something helpful in every thread but if you need to talk in german youcould PM me^^

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