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Is there any medications that have actually helped anyone from what I’ve read is basically we have no hope and I’m only 17 with this shit I don’t know where to go or what to do because it’s like I’m living in a dream everyday filled with trails and my condition is so bad I feel like I have tunnel vision without the darkness I can only focus on like one word it makes it very hard to work or do anything I literally feel like I have no hope and contemplate suicide every single day I can’t even have my memory or my vision this disease has took everything from me 

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Klonopin (clonazepam/Rivotril) helps, but it is not worth it in the long term (I consider the withdrawal a bigger problem than HPPD itself now). 

I know what it is like to feel like you can only focus on one word… but it will get better. Time heals. Not everyone, yes, but there is hope. :)

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Yep clonazepam works for me. It's a magic bullet really. But be careful of addiction... I just take it sporadically and have done for 13 years now with no tolerance/addiction issues. 

I sometimes take beta blockers too, which help with the psychical symptoms of anxiety, but do nothing for hppd itself.

Time also really helps... I was also in a very dark place when i was 17... By the time I was 20, i had learnt coping techniques and pushed myself to a better place. By that time, i was at college, had a side job, had a girlfriend and my own place.. It's amazing how quickly life can change... Just keep on fighting. 

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