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Guys please reply to know if any of your visuals have reduced

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Mine started 3-4 years ago. Today what bothers me most is visual snow and tinnitus. I have some ghosting, floaters and diplopia still but they are worse or better from day to day. Stress always makes things worse. I used to have the full list of HPPD symptoms plus some, but most of them are gone, like afterimages/palinopsia, BFEP,  hardly ever happens anymore.

I've come to acceptance of my situation, found philosophy/Stocisim in my life which has given me a lot of peace. I don't anymore expect to be fully rid of my symptoms and that's okay. It's what fate has given me and nothing can change that. My depression and anxiety is at all time low, and I don't have dp/dr anymore, or at least nothing I take notice of.

I was healing even more about 2 years ago, tinnitus was almost gone, visual snow was 50% reduced, but then I got exposed to black mold for two months in a new home I had moved to, and then it all came back worse, so I'm still convinced that HPPD has a lot to do with our immune system, and that there is a casuality with mold/infections (Lyme, etc)/heavy metals and suppressed immune system, so I make sure to take care of myself by living healthy. I do carnivore diet, eat different herbs and supplements, and think I'm on a pretty good path in life. Another case of that it has something to do with the immune system is that when I got Covid (Delta) last year, my tinnitus got worse after that and I had to increase my medication. Zopiclone helps me considerably with my tinnitus, and Clonazepam helps me with both visual symptoms and tinnitus. This summer I'm gonna do a taper for a while, to prevent dependency. Zopiclone I have already tapered from 7.5mg daily to 1mg (I was down to 0.5mg before Covid), and it seems to keep it in check.

I've had a deteriorating form of HPPD/VSS since it started, and then only thing has kept on getting worse is tinnitus and visual snow. Visual snow seems to have stopped getting worse, or at least I don't notice it getting worse anymore. Tinnitus is really the condition that is most difficult to deal with, and it gets worse every fall, when there's a lot of mycotoxins in the air.

I know you didn't want to hear about acceptance but it has been the biggest part of my way to a better life, and today I would say even a good life.

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Acceptance is everything with HPPD because time is the only healer with HPPD . Nothing you do will reduce your symptoms, You can make them worse by continued usage but the symptoms will  only dissipate over time  a long time . My visuals have reduced significantly over time 40 years to be precise . I know longer have flooding visuals when switching on a light for the first time . Static remains the same and after image is much reduced over time but it took over 20 years for  it too begin a gradual reduction . My opinion is that halogenics can alter the visual cortex maybe permanently if not for a long period off time . Its really how you adapt to it I think . You can spend the first 15/20 years worrying about it like I did or you can accept it not worry about it . The physical symptoms are more worrying like fatigue brain fog and head pressure these you can do something about with medication over short periods .

Good luck . Robbie 

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