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Ive thought I have had hppd for awhile now but I had a audio hallucination. I need help


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For months after a bad mushroom trip, I didn’t ego death but I was having a panic attack because everything was moving and someone who i had fought before came to the friend door and sent me and my friend into a bad trip. After that night I have seen things like color distortion, snow trails everywhere i look, floaties, things almost like sliding, and recently last night I had a audio hallucination while also seeing a weird dark man hover over me. I was on the phone with my girlfriend while this was all happening and I was paralyzed and unable to tell her what was happening to me. It left me very anxious and I felt delirious while it took place I thought there was really a evil man talking to me while he laughed a evil laugh. Can anyone help me this is starting to scare me.

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The initial part of your post sounds very much like HPPD. The second part is not HPPD though. HPPD just distorts what is there, not actual hallucinations. 

PS- What you describe sounds exactly like sleep paralysis, including seeing a dark figure in the room/above you. Is it possible you drifted off to sleep?

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I don’t believe so, that is what I thought because of being paralyzed but it happened while I was mid sentence talking to my girlfriend on the phone. Also, recently my hppd symptoms have been more intense then they ever have been before so maybe there is something there, idk.

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