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Should I try to take more acid or any hallucinogenic drug.


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I'm curious to see if anyone has tried to take more of an hallucinogenic drug to see if the come down would either erase the effect of seeing things shift perceptually or decrease it at all. I just joined this forum today, not really sure how it'll help but I'm gonna give it a go. I first did acid when I was 17 but the first time I did it I took one tab and I was fine, I had a blast, but when I turned 18 I moved out of my parents house and I was living with a friend. I decided to do some more acid, this time I took 2 tabs, and those started to kick in, and then for some dumb reason I decided to take 2 more tabs 2 hours into the trip I was already experiencing. I only remember like the first 4 hours but I can't remember anything I did after that. I woke up on my freinds couch the next day still feeling fuzzy but wasn't completely tripped out like I definitely was. I'm currently 21 now and I've been seeing my apartment ceiling looking like it's breathing, I know it's just the acid that I think is still stuck on to receptors in my brain but it's kind of annoying seeing random things move from time to time. Hope someone can help. Also when I was 19 I got into a car crash and I had to get a MRI done on my brain to make sure everything was fine but when the doctors showed me the picture of my brain, it was just covered in some white substance. Not sure if it's just grey or white matter of the brain but all the doctors that where there looked shocked. If there are any doctors or phycologists that would like to look at that brain scan I'm sure I could get it from my medical records. If you're curious.

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I have done various drugs (inc LSD) post hppd and they have all made my condition worse, either short term or long term. It's clearly a bad, bad idea for most people with hppd, every time i've thought I hit a wall with hppd, i've found new levels... But you will always find a few people on the likes of Reddit who say it made them better. 

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I will concur that "fighting fire with fire" is not a viable solution. I've definitely tried and it indeed made things infinitely worse.

It's been close to a decade now for me. The way through is not by force. It is reintegration and coming to terms.

And if you should feel so inclined, I must strongly urge that any future indulgements must stem from intent. Not from a sense of desperation. If this is new to you, I really urge you to not indulge in the coming 7 or so years. Spend that time consciously developing yourself, then reassess.

There's a good chance you'll feel A-OK soon. If it's not accompanied by any anxiety or DP, and it's purely visual, then simply let it be. How long ago was this anyway? I did mushrooms some 3 years ago and it took me a good month to get back to my "normal" amount of HPPD. There's a good chance you've played with fire but only got a first degree burn. Don't tempt fate.

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