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Perampanel/Fycompa - a novel anti-epileptic drug that pretty much cured my HPPD.

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I decided to make this post to help others find this option of treatment. I have not seen any discussion of this drug at all.

I had severe HPPD with tracers, visual snow, everything. It took a huge toll on my happiness in life.

I tried several medications, all without success:

- Lamotrigin (maybe a little "happier", less DPDR)

- Levetiracetam (here I noticed an improvement that disappeared after a week or so)

Now, following the glutamate theory, I was prescribed a very novel anti-epilepsy drug called Fycompa/Perampanel.

It cured 90% of my symptoms and I pretty much live like pre-HPPD.

I even have returned to recreational drug use with dopaminergic and opioid substances without negative effects.

I HIGHLY encourage HPPD sufferers to try this medication!

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Interesting to hear. Just read the wiki and it sounds promising, though the side effects and abuse potential make me believe it will be hard to get prescribed. Did your doctor recommend it, or it is something you asked to try? 

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