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Newcomer (PMA / St. John’s Wort / Valerian)


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In addition, small review what helped and not so far:

Positive impact: 

Ibuprofen - seems like it’s at least a bit migraine related, but I don’t consider it persisting migraine aura 



Cola/Pepsi, regular coffee

St. John’s wort 

Gingko - perhaps? 



Q10 ubiquinol

Alcohol - doesn’t affect my visuals but creates anxiety after 

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I went through a phase where I tried every non-prescription herb, legal compound, therapeutic mushroom, and tincture to try to deal with hppd.  None of them worked.  in fact, due to my hypersensitivity to drugs in general, they made me feel worse.  For me, tapping into the deep silence of the mind through meditation did help, a lot!  The mind is powerful, even the old version between my ears.  I think sobriety helped as well.  The last drug I gave up was alcohol.  Drinking really messed with my sleep which in turn amplified my anxiety.

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