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My experience mdma

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My story!

Well I would like to share my story and see if somebody can help. 

I went out one night with a couple friends and started drinking whiskey and red bull then I got offer a pill of what I think it was mdma and everything was fine ! Went back home that night could not sleep at all and some taquicardia started and for a moment I feel I was not getting enough oxygen to breathe so I went to a hospital spent there a couple hours they did some test to check if I had any arritmia or hearth attack and everything was fine. 

Went home but since then I felt something was not good. My vision look different since the moment of high anxiety of what I think it was a panic attack but it was so long that even now I don’t really know what happened to me. 

Since that day many weird things has happened to me some of them already disappear and other still there 24/7. 

Pain in my hands, legs and back even the de sensation of burning under my skin. (This is almost gone) 

One day I Got a  freaking scary parestesia on my face and that never happen again but now my skin is itching very hard on my beard and chest. Intensity vary depending on the day but it is always there. 

Vision cause me a lot of anxiety even depression floaters, ghosting, palinopsia during night or dark places and starburst. 

I even have a rare feeling of disconnection with life don’t know if it’s mental or caused by all the physical symptoms that I am experiencing. 

I did two MRI and everything looks good. And right now I am taking brintellix and some supplements but it feels like I am not getting out of this. 

All this started like 7 months ago. 

Thanks for reading and good luck you all you are strong people!

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Thanks for sharing... MDMA can most certainly cause various mental health issues, including hppd. If you do not feel the medication is helping, don't be scared to let your doctor know and plan to get off it. 

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Hey MNC ...

I have a very similar story. I took MDMA in a therapeutic setting just over 1 year ago. Since that time I have battled countless neurological problems, including neuropathy of my feet legs and hands, tinnitus, brain fog, depersonalization?, hypnic jerks and hallucinations... 

I don't have any visual disturbances so i'm not sure whether I fit the HPPD criteria. But it toggles back and forth for no reason. I often have 4-5 days of relief, followed by 1-2 weeks of symptom flare up. Exhausting.

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