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I think I found the name of my symptom (illusory motion in a stationary image, Letter moving when I read) = Motion Aftereffect

Moha Kdci

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« the brain is the middle-temporal lobe. This is the area of the brain, in which research indicates is vital to motion perception (Wolfe, et al., 2012,p. 175). The neurons inside the brain are specialized to detect and interpret different directions of motion, meaning that some neurons in the brain are specialized to only “see” and process upward motion, and others are specialized to see downward motion.   The trick is that “when we view a stationary object, the response of neurons turned to different directions are normally balanced”(Wolfe, et al., 2012,p. 175) or they cancel each other out so we see the object as stationary.

    So when we decided we should read our book, the neurons that are specialized to see motions left to right are going to start, but the other ones, the right to left, are going to be slower. Therefore they will throw off the balance and the words will seem to move on the page. »

May I have your opinion?

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Did you locate this research yourself?  If so, it's great that you took the initiative to do that.  I don't have the qualifications to say if what you found is correct.  I do know that it's amazing how little is known about how the brain works.  For the longest time, symptoms from brain injuries were the source of many of the theories.  Now with imaging techniques, so much more is known, but at the same time the human brain is still a mystery (I'm sure you're aware of all of this).  That being said, I don't know how far diagnostic techniques and treatment have come.  I think there are some bright people in this forum who are aware of the latest research.  I'd be interested to hear their feedback.

I can say that I had a similar problem reading.  To start with, I'm dyslexic, but hppd made reading more difficult because I was always distracted by the patterns I'd see on the page which would make the text squirm around.  What helped was forcing myself to read every day and using an electronic reader helped as well.

Very interested in what you continue to discover.  as I've said before, it may help others in the future.

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