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I'm currently sufferig with a bad bout of covid. I have HPPD from about 6 years ago but I've learnt to live with it. VS is my main issue in all honesty. When I'm feeling shit I will usually take cocadomal and an extra codeine pill - so 90mg. But it's just not cutting the mustard at the moment. 


What is peoples experience with other medications that could be used to treat this? Im talking certain cough medicines and pain killers for the muscle aches. I've got some tramadol to hand but fear it will make VS worse, although the codeine doesn't.


Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions? 


Ive also tried klonopin as a means of sleeping it off but constantly waking up in sweats is really affecting my ability to sleep.

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Currently being ill and it’s at its worst, even with new distortions and symptoms… though this is rather still due to the enormous exacerbation from stupid St. John’s Wort. I was basically symptom free only two weeks ago and now it’s so bad. Don’t know if it’s covid though, the tests are not so good for the newest variant. 

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