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Virus’s: emotional problems and hallucinations!

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virus’s are super interesting to me. They’re these things—dead? Alive?— that can enter a host and tell their cells to do… well anything. Even making zombies. If you took all the virus’s on the planet, and put them in a block, it would completely encompass the Eiffel Tower. There are so many virus’s on this planet we’ve never identified.

But what happens when a virus inters your brain? Could hppd be caused by our bodies pruning infected cells? 

1) hallucinogens are powerful immune suppressing substances

2) all of us have dormant virus’s

3) some virus’s aren’t noticeable in the body but cause extreme havoc in the brain

4) the immune system functions differently in the brain than the body. It does mechanical things related to our functioning. So when it has to then also fight an infection—it’s bad

5) virus’s rarely enter the brain. But they CAN. This possibly helps explain why some people get hppd after so many trips. Perhaps it took 50 trips before the person was subjected to the virus in real time AND it got into their nose (or they have high BBB permeability). (more reasons to tell your kids to stop picking lol)


6) once the virus is in your brain, it rapidly starts infecting cells. But cannabis and hallucinogens suppress the initial immune response one should start right away. This, causing the virus to be able to enter a large amount of cells, is followed by a large cytokines response when the brain finally registers the threat. That makes you feel really awful—anxious and depressed. but what happens next is what makes the virus hypotheses so interesting to me—it’s the culling of infected cells all at once—-

—essentially, that would cause… the equivalent of a very unique brain injury. Lose a few cells? Not a problem. Lose a ton of cell at once? The brain can’t rewire well when the loss is that quickly. You have to rebuild instead and that takes a lot of time….


personally, I always felt I became a different person after hppd. So much of the skills I had worked hard to make physical in my mind—poofed. 


it’s not a super long video and very interesting! I hope you all find something cool about it.


on a personal note— I recently had a very bad spike of something. I had a lot of tests etc and it’s becoming clear that I had a virus enter my brain. It was by far the worst feeling I have ever had. My hppd’s visual symptoms almost returned—I had a full blown return for about 40 min but got super lucky and found some meds to help stop it from coming back. I can’t say from any of this that hppd can be caused by a virus but hot damn if it’s not that it can be make your hppd worse. Because cytokines make hppd worse. 

so what happens if you get a virus and you never completely fight it off (as almost always with some virus’s)??? It might just be a tug of war back and forth for years before you get it under control. Maybe 10 or 20 years later you go through a stressful time and it returns because stress causes your immune system to weaken and viruses NOTICE that and make their move. Or you decide to trip again. Or you come into contact with a random chemical in your environment that causes the virus to go lytic again. You’d be surprised. 


This also helps explain why some people’s symptoms “remit” one day in the same way they came. The brain got the virus under control. You probably won’t be the same because of the clipping but without the cytokines you feel stable again. 

has anyone noticed that some people don’t have visual symptoms? For those who made the correlation between hallucinogens and hppd and didn’t have visual symptoms just a few Google searches might lead them here. I’m certainly seeing them around here and Reddit. There is also an enormous array of different visuals. It could be that whatever causes hppd only causes visual symptoms if the virus gets to that part of the brain. 

lastly, I did a fair amount of posting about MTOR recently. Many virus’s hijack this system for their own use. They have to, since it’s essentially the body’s steering wheel.

or it’s aliens idk. 

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