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Hi everyone, ive had HPPD for nearly 2 months and ive just recently started Gabapentin, ive been on it for a week today and i know the body and brain can take a couple weeks to adjust to new medications but i noticed that it actually made all my visual alot worse and read about the side effects and kind of just put it down to the side effects and decided i would give it time to adjust, but a week in and ive noticed the first dose i take about lunch time doesnt really effect me much anymore everything is sort of normal and my visuals havnt changed but arent worse, but the 2nd dose i take in the afternoon each day really knocks me, like my visuals get 10x worse and i feel very out of it and then the 3rd dose i take at night is fine again. So basically im just wondering if anyone else experienced this on Gabapentin, and any advise would be great. Im starting to feel like i made the wrong decision going on medciation because i was actually doing really well before and just wanted something to aid my recovery but i just feel like ive gone 5 steps back.

Any advice would be great! thanks x 

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On 7/31/2021 at 3:23 PM, neffbull said:

How's it affecting you now?

Hey, ive been on it about a month now and as i suspected, after the first 2 weeks everything leveled out again. its hard to tell if it has actually positively affected my hppd or not. My symptoms are definitely alot better and sometimes i completely forget i have hppd, im not sure whether that is because of the gabapentin or its just my brain healing. I also stopped drinking and i havnt done drugs since i got hppd so i think giving my brain a break has helped the process alot. Im contemplating going off the gabapentin and seeing how it is without the medication but also quite scared.

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