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  1. Yeah, I sort of want to blame the fact that the chem was a designer drug, but i got my first symptoms years back from MDMA, a fairly well understood chemical. I've had RCs that never exacerbated my symptoms. They might have contributed to a later condition, but speculating is a waste of time. I'll never touch another again. I don't even take prescription meds anymore. Those aren't really any safer when you have HPPD. And I'm talking in terms of the odds of worsening symptoms, or adding side effects or dependency issues, but that's every man and woman's decision to make with a med professional.
  2. Hi all, long time reader, first time poster. I got a mild case of HPPD from a six month weed bender. There were like five MDMA rolls and three mushroom trips also. I realized i didn't feel myself and stopped smoking weed, using mushroom and MDMA. This happened about four years ago. My symptoms at their worst during that time was mild VS, mild after images(barely noticeable, but they existed), depersonalization and brain fog. So, up until recently, the DR, DP and brainfog have really lifted. I barely have any problem with them. I had used some drugs sparingly on the weekends. Stuff l
  3. Salutations everyone! I want to start my story by clarifying some details about myself. I am a 27 yo male. Prior to my experience, I had a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder w/ co-morbid anxiety. I had issues with alcohol abuse for a couple of years. I found my life insufferably boring and empty. I craved a drink at the end of the day to spice up my evening and help with the negative emotions and thoughts. Okay, so about around 2014, a family member passed me a bong. I was anxious, but very curious and excited to pop my weed cherry. I took a massive rip and became very high. I j
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