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One week with risperidone and oxcarbazepine.

Marco S

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Hey guys:


I just want to update you about my process. Last week I finally decided to see a doctor. I got an appointment with a psychiatrist and saw her on Monday. I told her about my story, symptoms and suggested HPPD as a possible answer. I would not say she was mad, but definitely didn’t like me suggesting a diagnosis. She told me I have a D/P frame induced by hallucinogens and recommended me the essentials: not drinking, nor smoking or taking any drug. And prescribed me risperidone and oxcarbazepine for two weeks.

Even thought I was not totally sure about it, I decided to rely on her and give the meds a shot, and these have been my results: the first couple of days the meds gave me an impressive mind clarity, that I had not felt in a while. Suddenly my thoughts became so much clearer and my speech more fluid. I could not find the words to describe to my family the way I felt, but some cognitive skills improved. I wrote a lot more, and my memory and time perception felt so much better too.

I could not say the same about the visuals. The visuals stayed the same at least the first two days, but worsened a little later. Thursday morning, I woke up and saw some intense visuals on my bedroom’s wall. I tried to be chill about it, but it made me feel uncomfortable. The week kept going and I had a party on Saturday night. I drove there and saw some of my friends, and had a good  time. I for sure felt so much more confident.

I take the Ozcarbacepine twice a day and the Risperidone only at night. The worst symptom affected me today. I was coming back home, my brother was driving and suddenly started feeling like tripping again. Literally. Like I was being lift. Did not want to freak out but it was pretty strong. And of course I still have some doubts about this. I have read in the forum that Risperidone can worse HPPD. Have not found much information about Ozcarbacepine.

I’m going to give some more time to the meds and see what happens next. So far I could say it has not been bad, but not great either. It has helped with some aspects of the condition, and apparently worsen other ones.

What do you think guys? Any suggestion, or any experience related that could be helpful for me? Other than the meds my life has been great lately. Feels like the relationship with my parents and brother is improving, my social circle is growing and some projects I’ve been working in are in their way to succeed, and my semester at unviersity is over. Everything is fine, easy, and exciting by the moment. Hope it remains like this.

As always, thanks for your advice, and time. Take care and keep the great work up.


Sincerely, Marco S.

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Sounds like you're doing well and you're on the road to recovery. I am not a doctor but I would encourage you to voice your concerns to the doctor your are working with.  Maybe keep a journal to document the different symptoms your are experiencing, dates and times, the good and the bad.  You can then discuss this with them.  All in all just keep doing what you're doing and stay positive!

Take Care,


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Hey Marco,

You seem like a great guy and it's good to read that things have been improving for you since you developed HPPD - you definitely seem to be taking the right steps to living a fulfilling and meaningful life with the disorder. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the facebook support group for HPPD, where you will be more likely to receive feedback and help from other people in the community for your questions and experiences. Here's the link to it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HPPDSC .

All the best man x

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