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  1. Hey guys: I just want to update you about my process. Last week I finally decided to see a doctor. I got an appointment with a psychiatrist and saw her on Monday. I told her about my story, symptoms and suggested HPPD as a possible answer. I would not say she was mad, but definitely didn’t like me suggesting a diagnosis. She told me I have a D/P frame induced by hallucinogens and recommended me the essentials: not drinking, nor smoking or taking any drug. And prescribed me risperidone and oxcarbazepine for two weeks. Even thought I was not totally sure about it, I decided to
  2. Hey guys: I’d like to discuss a frequent situation I’ve faced since I got HPPD, and honestly one of my deepest concerns with the condition. I hope you can give me your opinion on the subject. Since I am constantly immersed in social situations -school, family, friends, work- one of my biggest worries is showing my HPPD or letting people know there might be something wrong with me. I often ask some of my closest family members and friends if they have noticed something different, but they all have told me I look exactly the same and it seems nothing’s chanaged at all. I’m aware it might b
  3. Hey guys: Hope everyone is doing fine. I just want to keep you updated about my process and some of the improvements, obstacles and challenges I have faced in the last couple of weeks. I got home last week and had a talk with my parents about my symptoms, feelings, and the way to address this issue. Of course, they are confused, just as I was two months ago and still being from time to time. We had a chat to decide about my options. Neurologists, psychiatrists, there is a wide range of medical options here, as I live in large city, but not sure yet about what step I want to take.
  4. Hi everyone: I’d like to share more about my HPPD experiences. As I told you in my previous post, my name is Marco, I’m Mexican and I’ve got HPPD for more than four months now. This forum has been way far the best source of information, inspiration, awareness and counseling with the condition I’ve found during this period. My psychologist insists it is an addiction issue, and my friends despite being friendly and supportive with me, they cannot fully understand what I am going through. So I hope some of my reflections and ideas help others just as reading about your own stor
  5. Hello everyone: My name is Marco, I am a 21 year old student living in Mexico. I'd like to tell you my story, my toughts towards HPPD and the lessons I've learnt from this experience. I developed HPPD on January 2021. I was throught a bad emotional moment, due to the pandemic and a broken relationship. Since august 2020 I had decided to try LSD so I did it with a couple of friends. I did it twice, both times in parties and drinking alcohol. having as a result pretty mild experiences. I've never really been into drugs: I'd tried weed before, a couple of times, also in social s
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