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Do I have Mild HPPD? Pls help! And if I do how do I prevent it from worsening and try and improve it/get rid of it.


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So on the 30th I had my 5th trip which was 250ug and on the 31st I did my first roll of E. The pill was definitely low content in nature as my MD regular friends said it was about 30-40% as strong as a regular pill should be. Being disappointed in the roll my friends and I split our last 4(250ug) tabs 5 ways after we came down from the E. No one else got visuals but me (they weren’t very intense or geometric since it was back to back days, but they looked very natural and realistic, almost like a drone view that kept teleporting to different places). Anyways I was fine for the next few days until I took a bong hit and saw some CEV. Fractals and changing colours and stuff. Since I was with friends I didn’t think about it much and closed my eyes for maybe a couple mins and enjoyed them before returning to the conversation.etc The next day I smoked a solo joint of some really dank amnesia and got some really intense cev. When I opened my eyes this “lsd green” grid was everywhere I looked, on walls and my phone screen and I kind of panicked and did some reading. I’m also seeing some mild visual snow and some translucent brown floaters out my peripheral vision. It’s been two days and I still see the aforementioned but no fractals since I haven’t consumed any psychoactives since. There is a good chance I’ve conditioned my brain into noticing the snow and the floaters but I do also believe my eyes. That said the brain is the most powerful organ so who knows? Anyways I haden’t slept a wink since because of overthinking and anxiety. What do you guys think? Please help! I’m already off drugs and eating clean and hydrating extra! It’s important to note that I never had a bad trip but this was the most hard drugs I’ve done at one time. 

TL;DR Tripped back to back days with a pill of e in between pops (second stamp was popped post midnight after the roll but didn’t affect much). Smoked a few days after and got some CEV and then the next day smoked some more potent weed and got CEV as well as open eyed visuals which freaked me out. Can’t think straight or sleep! Could I have HPPD? Both my trips were good but I’ve never done so many hard drugs in such a short period of time.

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Welcome.  You dosed quite recently and the after shocks of a experience can linger.  Give yourself some time.  I'd also suggest you stop using drugs, at least for a while.  You mentioned that you've done "hard" drugs infrequently (did i get that right?).  However, the cannabis today is POWERFUL.  Give it a rest for a while to see how you're doing.   Also, don't panic!  Try not to attribute every anomaly to hppd.  I'm not a doctor, but at this point you symptoms sound relatively mild.  I realize that they don't seem mild to you, but understand that hppd can be a debilitating condition.  I'm not qualified to say if you have hppd or not, but if you're susceptible to getting it, you want to do whatever you can to getting in any deeper.

Take care of yourself!

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Thank you for your response doc! I have been clean of all stimulants and psychoactive compounds including caffeine and nicotine for the last few days and will continue to do so Indefinitely until my symptoms abate or recede. I understand that even if I do have HPPD it is incredibly mild and over the last few days my anxiety has considerably decreased. I’ve also been able to sleep rather well inspite of the annoying visual snow and the even more annoying tinnitus. One thing that does slightly worry me aside from the aforementioned two is that I’ve noticed some more floaters over the last couple days than the ones I had before the weekend. Now wether I’ve had these from before or I’m only noticing them now because I’m looking for them more actively, I can’t say for sure. The above three symptoms are living in my thoughts rent-feee and I don’t like it one bit. Any advice or tips? 

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Advice/tips, sure.  I've lived with this disorder for a long time.  That doesn't make me an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I know what works for me.

Be kind to yourself because you've done nothing wrong.  Exploring the mind using psychoactive compounds is as ancient as human thought.  We're curious beings so taking the plunge doesn't make anyone a bad person.  We're just in the unfortunate minority to have contracted this disorder.

Get focused.  Be it school, work, hobbies, philosophy, whatever.  Stay focused and try not to focus on symptoms.  

If anxiety is an issue, there are some medications that can help.  I took a drug free approach including my daily meditation practice and its been a life saver.

First and foremost, sobriety.  I'm not saying never have a drink, or a smoke or what have you.  Stay clear of the doses in whatever form they may take.  For many, stay clear of cannabis.  Listen, I'm not into telling people what to do.  Instead just take this as gentle advice from someone who has stumbled around on this planet for a long time.

I hope that helps.

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