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Do y’all think I have hppd?


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I have done acid twice. The first time it was in last July and I continued to smoke and drink with no issues. The second time was last year mid august. Last October after smoking a blunt I saw a light orange mandala in the focal point of my vision. I just went to sleep and it was no longer there. Anytime I have smoked (blunts, gravs, joints) even a few puffs or drank after I have no longer seen anything. I’ve also sat in hotboxes & drank multiple days in a row with mixed drinks wine and just straight liquor. 

I do have visual snow, slight trails, occasional colored dots, blue field, a darker cluster of sparkles in my focal vision, pool waves, starburst, after images, & cev. HOWEVER I have had these my entire life I think they just became more noticeable after I took acid. 

I know hppd is different from everyone but I don’t have tinnitus, caffeine doesn’t affect me neither does nicotine, & no dpdr. 

It’s been over a year and I barley do anything anymore out of fear so I just want some opinions to ease the mind lol. 

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Seems you certainly have VSS. I wouldn't say you have hppd, but the drugs are aggravating your "natural" vss symptoms a bit. Good that you don't have DPDR and sounds like it doesn't cause you any anxiety. 

My advice is pretty simple, enjoy life and leave drugs behind. You are likely to be prone to getting hppd and dpdr/anxiety, it's just not worth it. 

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