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Anyone found nootropic drugs such as Piracetam of use?

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A couple of experiences here: http://thosewithvisualsnow.yuku.com/topic/6943/Piracetam-effects?

I have some Piracetam here, but haven't used it. Don't think I will be any time soon. It's quite a strong nootropic and I'd rather not take any until I know a whole lot more about it and its potential effects on HPPD.

I tried uridine for a couple of weeks, but stopped as I developed tinnitus which some others reported developing. Tinnitus hasn't gone away actually. Don't know if it was the uridine that caused it or whether it was just my HPPD developing a new symptom.

Right now I'm just taking some supplements like vitamins, fish oil, phosphatidylserine, etc.

Nootropics and supplements is something I am interested in and will research further into. I don't imagine there will be anything that will have a huge effect on HPPD, but would be good for general heath.

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I tried a piracetam regimen for around 2 weeks, found almost no effect positive or negative.

It's great to take a bit if you are drinking though..it makes you incredibly clear headed in the morning. Easily the best hangover preventer I've ever experienced (only on the mental side, but if you drink a liter of water before bed you'll feel pretty much hangover free)

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In Russia Piracetam is extremely common(it costs 0.05 dollar per pill) , it is prescribed even for headaches, and in my case it helped a lot, and the headache was 100% HPPD-related. Memory boosting is low, but tasks solving become much easier. After a second month on it, the anxiety(yeah, it is a side affect in long-term) in combination with hppd anxiety was overwhelming. Now i am on Klono and thinking about starting Piracetame again with Modafinil and biloba.

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It's prescription only here in the UK. Am going to ask the Psychiatrist for some when I see her next. Side effects like raised anxiety are a concern

Ghormez- which other vitamins do you take? Do you find phosphatidylserine beneficial? I haven't read about this supplement anywhere else before.

I take a lot of fish oil which is helpful overall andalso b complex. Looking at buying some N Acetyl cartinine as this is supposed to help mood. Would like a combination that is giving best opportunity for healing.

The supplements are so expensive though, can easily end up spending £50+ a month

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You know, some people actually use piracetam to treat anxiety.

If piracetam is not working, there are some supplements that can increase it's effectiveness dramatically. Adding a choline source, for example, is usually recommended.

I live in the UK and was able to obtain piracetam from abroad. I believe it's legal to import for personal use. There's also people selling it on eBay etc, but I don't trust these sellers. I obtained mine from docsimon.com

I take a few different supplements. Once I have researched more I'll talk more about them. I don't like talking about things I don't know too much about.

Phosphatidylserine is good for overal brain health. It can also reduce cortisol, although this requires higher doses, which can keep you awake at night!

I have some n acetle cartinine here (ALCAR), along with a number of other supplements. But I want to do much more research before taking any.

I've found iherb.com to be the cheapest for supplements. Although order too much and customs will charge you if you are importing into the UK. You can sometimes get away with it if your order is below £40. Even if customs do charge you though, it still probably works out cheaper that UK sources.

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I know this thread is kinda old but I wanted to put out a word of warning for racetam use. I took Oxiracetam and coluracetam for two months and developed a full blown HPPD relapse and what seems like permanent muscle twitching. HPPD's cognitive/emotional component definitely has roots in acetylcholine I advise against messing with it.

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