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Short term Benzo use


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Wondering if anybody knows the ramifications of taking Benzos short term. For example, if I travel on vacation (or holiday as some would say) for a week or two and want to be less distracted with my symptoms during that time, are symptoms known to spike after stopping again? 
I’m well aware Of the withdrawal risks but am curious about the direct correlation of symptoms after stopping having been on them for such a short time. 

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I do that once or twice a year. A week is no issue, for me.. 2 weeks, you might have a bit of trouble sleeping and an anxiety spike for a few days, depending on which benzo you take and at what dose. Whatever the duration is, I then try to at least match it with no benzos.. eg, if i have 2 weeks on, i have at least two weeks off.

What I try to do is take the lowest dose i can that helps with anxiety... Don't focus on trying to fix the visuals too much, as that will double your dose. Now I look to solve the anxiety rather than the visual, i find 1mg of klono is fine for me.

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