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I dabbled with crap hash and weed for a few months. I also took a few hits from a legal high(Spice Diamond). After a bad panic attack from the later, I woke up the following day convinced I had done some damage to my vision. From then on I had a lot of anxiety and worry about my vision and the way I was feeling. I stopped using everything from then on. About 2 months later all these floaters come up into my vision(black spots and cob-web type ones) and have stayed ever since. I must admit I could not help scanning my vision field consciously; and because of the bad experience my body must been scanning sub-consciously). It's as if I had a negative filter turned on and begin to notice everything in my field of vision. The horrible anxiety has gone away. I still have mild depression because of the eye floaters, they are prominent and my brain does not seem ready to cancel them out. I was told that I don't have HPPD?

Drug induced anxiety maybe?

These are my only visual symptoms and I am not taking any medication.

Can you give me any advice from the information I have given you above.

Will the floaters dissipate over time? It's been almost 2 years now.



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Good news, floaters are 100% natural. Nothing to worry about and occur in the healthiest of eyes. They come and go (I have had them since I was a child).

The more you scan your field of view... The more stuff you will notice.. Our eyes are not perfect, you will see white blood cells, floaters and other natural stuff you tend to filter out.

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