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Hi its good to be back - just wanted to ask for your views -I have just been accepted by a local goverment body to study as an alcohol and drug abuse councilor the course is fully funded and is a 2 year diploma which leads to a full-time employement with goverment initatives- i have also been given the ok to train as a councillor in hppd within the remit and specialise in that area within private and local health practise when the course is completed, my goal in specializing in that area is to help pick up hppd as a condition,rather than let drug induced phycocis be the main tag,and help where i can. my aim will be to formulate a proper diagnostic tool within the hppd remit and nail down the real symptoms as a proper working guide so accurate advice can be given.I have studied exstensivly the litrature online in connection with diagnosis and as you all probably know a fair proportion of it is based on fiction rather than fact,my main aim firstly is to get a concensus from the board on what are the main symptoms 1-10 1 being the worst and so on. i feel that we are the experts on this condition and we have to set the criteria for diagnosis. any feed back would be welcolme.

cheers robbie

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Thumbs up on the initiative taken to grasp this opportunity for yourself. I'm always in favor of HPPD discussions with other people though the material is a lot to type out consistently on a forum board however this is the easiest place for communication and comes of no charge to us so lets utilize it.

I think the severity of symptoms issue is a bit miniscule when talking about the overall level of distraction HPPD and similar/co-morbid symptoms have on a person's life. If I were you I would focus on mechanisms that are known to the people you'll be counciling that help take their minds off of it even though that can be difficult in the beginning for most.

How much and what kind of reading have you done so far? I've read a lot of the published medical journals concerning the different levels of neurophysiology/neurobiology/genetic factors that play into the role of persisting visual disorders as well as dissociation.

I'll be glad to talk about these areas with you on here.

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I have resources that should be helpful. I work with a treatment team in an acute inpatient co-occurring dual-diagnosis substance abuse unit with a conselor with a similar degree program. Having front line clinical specialists with knowledge on drug-induced disorders is always a major bonus.

We are working on the research you are describing and will be glad to help with references and material. Science is to be shared and it isn't about who gets excusilve rights to do it, but the more validation we can accomplish the better the results in the end.



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Thanks for the reply shaolin and david thats great news that both of you can help and just what i need, As you probably know i have had hppd for over 30 years and managed to work my way through the symptoms to the point i dosent really affect me anymore,so i have fair idea of the symptoms of hppd,But it would be wrong to formulate a diagnostic tool based on my own experience and symptoms so help from the board is crucial furthermore to work within the uk health service as probably the first councillor specialising in hppd i will need to have a widely accepted view on diagnosis and treatment within this field.

many thanks robbie

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