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So I had been taking L-Tyrosine for a while for two reasons: 1) I heard it can be good for depression, and 2) People on r/HPPD had been using it saying it can help with HPPD (yeah I know...and here I am always saying to ignore them).

I took a little more than usual early Tuesday morning after no sleep. I ended up getting very disoriented, felt very weak, felt manic, and started having small hallucinations (not the HPPD kind, I mean actual seeing shit that wasn't there).

I became so disoriented I dialed 911 and was brought to the E.R.

My vitals came back fine, and they gave me stuff to calm me down. After sleeping most of yesterday and last night, I feel a lot better today, but still a bit shaky and anxiety-ridden.

I think my Dopamine levels were simply increased way too much by the supplement, causing basically all the symptoms you'd expect with high Dopamine levels.

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I was taking Tyrosine 500mg once a week because I was reading old posts on this forum that it helped a bunch of people. I also read online that it was a gaba agonist similar to valerian and I was looking for valerian alternatives. Recently I noticed that tyrosine caused my heart rate to go up and increased my anxiety/panick symptoms so I stopped. I'm going to consult my doctor before taking any kind of supplement in the future and I recommend anyone reading this does the same. Hope you're feeling better. 

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I know I answered you via your PM, but wanted to put the gist of it here for others to read:

I've been feeling panicky ever since. I'm just doing everything I can to relax, I've noticed my ability to handle stress isn't as good as it was. I'm hoping my anxiety will subside within a few days.

I hope it didn't make my HPPD worse. So far I'm mostly just noticing some anxiety, and when the anxiety is bad some DP/DR symptoms.

I really fucking hate Reddit. I wish there was a way to get that subreddit shut down, but the whole site is run by an idiot, and the people who run that subreddit clearly don't care if they hurt people.

People, there is one single drug we know for a fact works:: Clonazepam. That's it. Everything else is anecdotal. The people of Reddit may not like that, but that's because they're retarded. Fuck them.

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