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David S. Kozin

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339 Pages So Far. The most comprehensive text on HPPD to date.

I completed school, and working on this final project that includes what Dr. Abraham agrees as the most advanced understanding of HPPD syndrome we have, and I propose the research and treatments with the reasons why and explain this story in great depth. Dr. Abraham will be my outside examiner for this final item left to receive my degree, and also be a member of my orals board. I expect the book to be nearly 350 pages when finished, edited, and cleaned by Feb 15th.

Additionally, I have made the contacts for development of an NIH Fellowship application, and have a position lined up after I graduate to place me into the Lab with the most favorable research towards HPPD.

This text will be made available for free to all HPPD members when it is published.

- David

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