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fuck hppd


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Hi Man, thanks for sharing. 

Possibly try clonazepam if Lamotrigine is not helping so much. 

Visuals sound pretty intense. Maybe in the mornings you could try and change your state by doing your best to get  into some activity. 

In relation to thoughts of fasting / death. Please don't go there. You can reach out to me or any other moderators on this web site and we will be there for support. There is also a support group on face book where you can reach out to others.

What country are you located? There are likely other good resources in your country that you can utilize.




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hey Jaz, yes it makes sense. I too have insane levels of snow and everything you are describing. 

If meds are not helping it may be a matter of doing your best to become more resilient and working on yourself so you can manage it / handle it more effectively.

To my knowledge we have not found anything to reverse it yet, although study's are taking place.

Hang in there!!



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my snow is cosmic as fuck, cantonal shimmering moving all psychedelic, lights , spheres worm wholes and geometric hallucinations, shimmering explosion and implosions. like whirl winds eating into everything. 

Things that help me, working out, eating healthy,. personal development, having goals. I have to sleep with a light on. I have found that relaxation is helpful I use self hypnosis to reprogram the subconscious mind and helps to balance left and right hemispheres of the brain. This moves me away from a fight or flight response and more into a relaxation response, where I can be "more of the witness" and not let it consume me as much. mndfulness, self awareness.

www.learningstrategies.com/  paraliminals are quite good, also Holosync meditation.

Sometimes when its too much I generally look at my phone or computer to try and distract myself as an escape tho that is not so healthy.

I do my best to focus on where I am going and what I want my life to look like, focus on what I want and do my best to take the steps to achieve. 

I just have to do my best despite what I'm dealing with

I also take clonazepam, I am dependant on it. Im looking at doing a slow reduction and just to maybe do a 3 days on 3 days off or something.

I just had to learn and discover whatever tools and resources I could to help me cope. sometimes there may not be a cure but learning to live with and manage the condition.


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