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ill keep a long story short: smoked weed -> got bad anxiety from a horrible trip got dpdr symptoms etc

sensitivity to light (but heard that's bc of my flight or fight being turned on 247 so pupils are dilated) 

anyways last time I smoked weed was august, ill never smoke again or do drugs again in my life. dont miss it dont care. Now, i see this HPPD and scared ill develop it since people are saying they got it much later like a couple weeks after drugs. im so scared. will i develop this.

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Was your "bad trip" caused by psychedelics or weed?  THC can cause extreme anxiety in some people.  The weed that's available today is powerful!  Anxiety can cause a whole host of issues.  Don't assume that because you have serious anxiety, you will develop hppd.  Stay clean, get some exercise, and find ways to deal with your anxiety.  

I'm not a doctor, or an expert on hppd.  I've just lived with it for a very long time.  That being said, I doubt hppd is in your future if you stay clean.  

Take care and hang in there.

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