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HPPD From weed?!

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Hi! Last year I tried smoking weed for the first time. Unfortunately I had an extremely bad trip ( thought I'm gonna die 😂)...Then the horror came, I think I developed some kind of mental issues (depersonalisation, severe health anxiety etc..)In this time I began to notice visual disturbances around my eyesight (visual snow, object dilation, vivid colors) I developed tinnitus as well... It has been 8 months ago and slowly things are getting better. I was wondering if anyone had similar experience? I mean I can't get it...If someone told me this can happen after one joint... I would laugh my ass off. Could it be because I took 0.6gr of weed? Or the dealer  mixed weed with something much stronger?

(Sorry for my bad English, hope you can understand :D)


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I got HPPD from weed five years ago. It still hasn't gone away. I came back here because I got worsening HPPD from another drug just recently (stupid I know). For me, the symptoms were just palinopsia mostly and other annoying visual stuff. I didn't even smoke that much weed, just like the equivalent of a couple bowls (I was a total beginner). I got really high, I know that, but didn't hallucinate or anything. Nonetheless, HPPD occurred from it. I don't know if it was laced with anything or not, but I doubt it.

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