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  1. HPPD from weed is really uncommon but yes you can get it from weed sounds too me tho that your hppd is really mild lots of us have it much much worse. If I were you i’d stay sober and not take any risks of making it worse
  2. And have you ever seen a eye doctor about your floaters if so what did he say
  3. Id say no cause only psychedelics cause hppd and secondly why tf advil shits don’t even get you high lol
  4. did they appear as soon as you got hppd or did they develop over time
  5. Does anyone else get pretty bad floaters. If you don’t know what they are they are the little lines or dots when you look at bright lights the sky or blank white backgrounds
  6. So I feel like this is something no one has ever experienced. I can’t explain this and idk wtf is going on but anyway let me get to the story. I took acid 3 years ago twice. Never have I ever had hppd. A few weeks after Id still have some visuals but from what I here that is normal after a trip cause it takes a week or two for the brain to go back to normal. My life was completely normal and I never had any visual symptoms after that. I smoked weed and drank ever since then and only weed would give me slight visuals sometimes. So lately i’ve been sober off everything for about 2 months. About
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