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  1. I normally don't take many drugs, especially not psychedelics, but I got into this tianeptine stuff which is a lesser known but extremely potent legal opioid with terrible withdrawals. I felt so miserable that I didn't logically prevent myself from taking a dangerous psychedelic. My symptoms were fine as I experimented with opiates for the last years though, taking kratom and Tramadol frequently and also some other supplements like phenibut. I'm not recommending anyone else take that stuff, but for me it wasn't really worsening my HPPD. I should note that I do feel better from most of the symp
  2. So just to be clear, you still have these symptoms now right? The fight or flight explanation doesn't really make sense to me. In my experience, greater sensitivity to light and deeper perception of colors is associated with my afterimages, and that's what it sounds like it is with you also. If you have no other visual issues, this might be the very first, most mild symptom of a visual condition. You and I are lucky in that we seem to have milder HPPD. You might go through some weeks of depression but most likely you'll eventually get used to it even if it lasts forever and you'll forget
  3. I'm gonna relay my own experience with trails and afterimages, and some things I've realized about it which I think could possibly be a lead to some treatment. Of course this is completely personal and probably won't apply exactly to other people, but it might have something valuable. So first of all, I developed palinopsia before I used any drugs. It was not very strong though. It didn't bother me too much. Then I started smoking weed and it became significantly worse. It happened particularly from two heavy smoking sessions, getting worse on each one. It became very depressing and diffi
  4. That's quite a lot of supplements. Did you start doing all this stuff really early on in your condition, or did you wait a few months? I only ask because I'm wondering if maybe just living a normal life, without going out of your way to ingest supplements and act abnormally in your lifestyle, could possibly be the best way to deal with the condition early on. Perhaps all those supplements are just making things worse, especially as you experience frustration in it not working. I know that's a stupid suggestion, but it's just what came to mind. I don't know how on earth to deal with this stuff.
  5. I have chronic pain issues but I've been hesitant to take CBD due to concerns about it worsening my HPPD. I know that might seem irrational if there's no THC in it, but I originally got my HPPD from marijuana, so to me it doesn't seem worth it to try it. In your case, you've already recovered a lot so I would suggest just trying to live more naturally and healthfully for a while instead, that way you don't relapse. But that's just me.
  6. I got HPPD from weed five years ago. It still hasn't gone away. I came back here because I got worsening HPPD from another drug just recently (stupid I know). For me, the symptoms were just palinopsia mostly and other annoying visual stuff. I didn't even smoke that much weed, just like the equivalent of a couple bowls (I was a total beginner). I got really high, I know that, but didn't hallucinate or anything. Nonetheless, HPPD occurred from it. I don't know if it was laced with anything or not, but I doubt it.
  7. I developed palinopsia a few years ago from smoking marijuana. I've stayed away from psychedelics ever since but for the last few days I've been withdrawing from tianeptine which for those of you who don't know is a horrible opiate drug with withdrawals regularly cited as being worse than heroin. I took a 2nd plateu dose of DXM last night (8-12 hours ago) in an attempt to stave off the withdrawals. It had a positive effect of removing my opiate tolerance, at least for now, which is allowing me to take kratom and get near complete relief from my symptoms, but at the same time I'm noticing my pa
  8. HPPD is a very broad term, but your case seems like it should fit the definition, but you should probably see a neurologist. Just tell them everything and get some tests done to verify that you don't have any physical brain damage, which Ecstasy can sometimes induce (although not from one use usually). If your physical brain is okay then you can start seeking treatment for HPPD. Stop doing all drugs for one thing. Did the Xanax consistently help up until the withdrawal, or did you only notice a change when you first started?
  9. I am stopping, and I have thought about how lucky I am. If I'm this sensitive to the most mild psychedelic imagine what taking LSD would have done. It's good I discovered that I have this problem without ruining my entire life. It's still a pretty tough break though
  10. Hello, I'd like to preface my story by mentioning that ever since I was a little kid, I've had lots of HPPD symptoms before doing any drugs. The first one I noticed was visual snow. i wasn't born with it, but it developed when I was probably about 5. I actually thought it was normal. I also started seeing CEVs, with big splotches of bright colors moving around in my vision after closing my eyes for long enough. Then when I was maybe about 13 I started developing mild palinopsia. I never saw afterimages per se, but if I darted my eyes somewhere, and they happened to pass by a light, I would
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