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Relapse can be trigger by the invisible


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Hey guys, 

So I just wanted to post a reminder that symptom aggravation can be caused by an entire range of invisible substances and molecules we can't see with the naked eye or even know exist. Since getting HPPD my symptoms have been aggravated by stress, caffeine, sugar, high-glycemic carbs, nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, ashwaghanda, etc.), nutmeg, mold and most recently some kind of chemical leak in a house I moved into. It's just really important to keep in mind that if your symptoms begin to worsen out of nowhere that there's an environmental culprit as to why. I see so many posts talking about symptoms worsening and not knowing why and after five years of dealing with this I completely understand, just as we all do, however it's just crucial to examine your diet and lifestyle and any changes in your environment in order to nail down why and eliminate that substance. A recent example for me was moving into a house where when the heater was on I would notice my symptoms got progressively more exacerbated and so I removed myself from the house and my symptoms went back to baseline. I have no idea what the actual cause was but I did what I had to in order to maintain my health, which is really all you can do with this condition. And also, it gets better. As long as you live a healthy lifestyle you will be able to cope and heal. 

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