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Clonazepam is a life saver for many.I Need advice for correct usage.

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I am going to take 2mg of prescribed Clonazepam and would appreciate any advice or help. I really don't wanna fuck things up.

I will take 2mg to see how much my visuals, mainly geometric hallucinations, will decrease. I will take it roughly 4 hours before I am going to sleep.

Also I am on 250mg Keppra a day.

I have done 1mg 4 months ago and didn't notice a decrease in visuals.

1. Was the dosage simply to low? Can I expect to see a decrease in Visuals with 2mg?

I know you should not mix benzos with other drugs. And of course you should not take them every day to avoid addiction and dependency.

2. Any other safer use or harm reduction  thing I didn't think of and need to know?

3. Longterm benzo use can increase visuals. But this shouldn't happen for infrequent usage. Right?

I would really appreciate it if you can answer some of my questions. Thanks.



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I’ve been taking Klonopin for 20 yrs due to the anxiety ect. hppd causes. It was wonderful and made me enjoy life again for the first 3-5 yrs.  taking up to 3 mgs daily as prescribed, never abusing this med. Regardless, tolerance does built up rather quickly and before you know it you can start having tolerance withdrawals so you’re actually going through Benzo withdrawal while your on them even if taken as prescribed. Now I am a slave to this drug wish to GOD I never started it. The best way you could ever use benzodiazepines since they’re only meant for short term use is periodically. But they will make you feel so much better it’s extremely difficult to take them on a as needed bases. Just do yourself a favor and read Benzo buddies or any benzo forum where you’ll get a better understanding of the problems (especially from long term use) Benzodiazepines will most likely create. I hate to be anti-benzo because it seemed as if they saved my life! But now I do nothing but regret ever taking them. I’m not some anti-drug person I’m just telling you what happened to me and this is all with the help of doctors. Best of luck to you be careful w these !! 

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2mg seems a high dose. I think you might be focusing on it's ability to remove visuals rather than anxiety and dpdr problems. Maybe go 1mg again and just see how it feels overall, not just focused on visuals. Also, try taking it under your tongue, it seems to work better. If you get no relief, move up in .25mg ... 2mg is a recipe for addicition and also where you start to see real side effects like lack of memory and incredible fatigue.

I have stuck to a regime for a while now (12 years) where i take it 3/4 days in a row (mainly 1mg, sometimes 1.5mg for stress days), then have 3/4 days off... Then detox completely for 10-20 days every 2/3 months to try and keep myself clean. I've yet to experience any withdrawal or tolerance, but we are all different, so tread carefully. As 1998 says, this is a drug not to be messed with.

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