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new here just wanted to share my experience with HP-PD. 

I got HPPD after using 50 mg of 2cb at a festival, at first this was fractals when looking at dark surfaces as well as seeing patterns and objects  morphing this came with feeling detached and having quite bad anxiety . this was over a year ago and since my HPPD has recovered to where i now just see visual snow and occasionally some light cone in the center of my vision. im unsure of the exact point it started to get better i only released when i thought back to how bad they used to be. my symptoms are mild and some days i hardly notice them but i have noticed that they are alot worse when i focus on them. I believe the best cure for HPPD is to try and move on with life and forget about it the best you can. i have been taking lions mane which defiantly helps with the anxiety as well i hope has the potential to help repair over stimulated nerves or something over time. Although i think taking lions mane every day just brings more attention to my HPPD as it reminds me of the reason im taking it. I have stopped taking drugs now apart from drinking which i will do occasionally as i found as little to no affect. i found weed made my HPPD worse. I also tried acid since the onset of my HPPD and found this no affect either but this may not be the same for everyone.

i hope in a couple years i will have recovered even further and i am also interested in micro-dosing LSD or Shrooms in the future to see what sort of affect this has on my HPPD.

sports have also helped me as well which i highly recommend  to anyone with HPPD or anxiety 

also very nice to see vice bringing some attention to HPPD in there recent documentary i have hope that research will increase soon as there is more cases of HPPD/visual snow coming up.


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@Cross78 thank you for your post.  I agree, moving forward and getting on with life is very important.  As I, and many others, have mentioned, being a focused individual can really help.

I can't tell how often you've dosed from what you've written, twice?  I think, the fewer times you've dosed the better your prospects when dealing with hppd.  I realize this is a generalization that doesn't always hold water.  Note, I'm not a doctor and I'm certainly not an expert.

That being said, you might want to reconsider micro dosing.  More psychedelics introduced into someone who already has hppd symptoms might make the situation worse.  I'm not trying to tell you, or anybody, what to do.  Understand, hppd can be truly debilitating.  Something to ponder perhaps.

Take care.

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