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I got what I think was mild hppd, I still don’t really know, from taking 2cb. I didn’t know what it was and then went to a club and had a terrible time, followed by months of hell. Anyway that was at the end of 2016 and just over a month ago I smoked a tiny amount of weed and had a mild panic attack. 

I woke up the next day with the familiar feeling of anxiety. After a week I felt totally fine and then 3 weeks later I swear I’m getting some strange visuals/ feeling spaced out. My question for you guys is do you think I’ve brought it back or am I just having a bad bout of dp? If I have brought it back will it return to how it was before or have a I made it worse? Anyone with any similar experiences? I could really do with some reassurance

Thanks guys

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Hi & welcome!

Could you tell more about how it was developing since end of 2016? Which symptoms did you have , did it went back completely to normal again or did you have remaining symptoms? Was it the first time you smoked weed after getting HPPD or did you do it in between as well? Did you had any mental illnesses before end of 2016?

I think if you abstain chances are very good that it'll get better again.

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Had VS after the 2cb in 2016 and some after images, the after images went away but VS stayed. Didn’t take anything in between 2016 and last month. VS seems worse, anxiety is through the roof (lots of panic attacks this week) and I think I have some mild tracers but I might just be hyper aware, after images are back too. I got some diazepam today from my doctor to help with anxiety so hopefully that’ll help for the next week or so until hopefully it dies down. 

seems crazy because I literally only had a few tokes. I’m hoping it’s just a scare and shows me that I just can’t do anything like that anymore!

thank you for reassuring me mate, sometimes I’m confident it’ll ease and go back to how it was but sometimes I’m not so confident...

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I used to smoke weed constantly.  All of a sudden it started giving me panic attacks and it made my visuals intolerable .  Apparently panic attacks from using THC isn't uncommon.  It also seems to happen after not using for a long time.  Panic attacks also occur with people who have never used psychedelics.  I think these uncomfortable effects can be amplified when dealing with hppd, even if symptoms have mostly dissapeared.

Understand that the information I have is from my own experiences and from what people have told me (I'm not a doctor or a scientist).

For me, staying away from THC (all psychoactive drugs for that matter) is the way to go.  I can't imagine what my brain would do if I smoked the powerful weed that's available today.  

I hope your symptoms start to moderate.  

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