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Blood rushing past ears during head pressure?

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Hey people.

I have always had this. I get a noise when blood rushes past my ears. I get it when I yawn, when I screw up my face realy tight, and...when I got peaks on acid. Now it never bothered me, hell I even thought it was normal and everyone got it. The problem is that just recently I have developed worse and worse head pressure, not a head ache, just head pressure. Along with the head pressure (that arrive lat morning every day, and leaves early afternoon) I get bouts of this rushing sound past my ear. I wouldnt mind so much, it's just that I really associate the noise with L.S.D and this bring and unpleasant spin on it.

Does anyone else get this?

Im sure I'll learn to live with it. If I've learnt one thing from HPPD its that its a nasty little demon sitting on your shoulder trying to get at you, and the more you worry about symptoms the worse they get. I find that with alot of symptoms the longer I ignore them the easier they get to deal with and eventually they fade away/become unnoticable. I imagine this will do the same.

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I believe you describe something that i am having also, i also associate this with lsd but in a very unpleasent kind of way. This really makes hard time concentrating. I'm not sure the noise is made by blood rushing past your ears but the noise is made by twitching muscles. for me it has also something to do with twitching tongue muscles.

Here you may see a discussion about the same subject. I am continually irritated by that and yet i can say that it is slowly fading away. I have seen reports saying that this can go away after about two years so we could hope for the best.

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