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Gene therapy - Hope


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That is pretty amazing... If they can help people to see again, there must be hope for all of us.

You might be thinking "they might help people with loss of vision, but they wont care about hppd".... well, one of the biggest money spinners of all time is anxiety, and luckily, the absolute best anxiety treatment (benzos) also help us out. There is a good chance that if they can cure anxiety via gene therapy, It would help us out too. Even just being anxiety free would be amazing.

Obviously this is a long way off, but when science can pretty much cure blindness, we have alot to get excited about.

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And the other awesome thing is that, while there probably (I hate to say it) never be an Anti-HPPD drug, I think once it's properly diagnosed what the mechanisms associatied with HPPD are, the more we can use medications intended for other things to cure our aspects of HPPD.

For example, Keppra is primarly an anti-epileptic medication. Later, they found it had beneficial effects on mood. So there will be improvement. Plus, we got David Kozin.

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For sure.... there are alot of interconnected mechanisms in the brain.

Look at klonopin.... it reduces our visuals, but also reduces short term memory (most of our memory is based on visual input, so makes sense). It also helps epilespy and anxiety. There seems to be a link between all these things, so If they can find treatment for one, they might help the others.

Even tough it might be too late for us, I can see this sort of science improving to the point where they can pinpoint any malfunctioning gene/receptor/nerve and fix it....

I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing, for the population. Some of these rouge genes must account for extra creativity, genius maths, going bizarely off topic on a forum etc

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