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Caffeine triggering HPPD?

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So I used to abuse Diphenhydramine a year ago and developed fairly light HPPD, I would see visual snow, walls would breathe occasionally, patterns were very off, some light distortions, havent touched the shit in forever and most of the visuals have gone away besides the patterns and visual snow. So today I drank 2 cups of coffee on an empty stomach and all of a sudden walls would start breathing when I would focus on them, could caffeine possibly trigger my HPPD?

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I can now handle some caffeine after about 6 years of healing and it is pleasurable/not anxiety inducing. If I smoke marijuana, this threshold decreases over time until it is no longer pleasurable and just causes anxiety. Being able to handle a small amount of things that I couldn’t at the onset of hppd took a LONG TIME OF ABSTINENCE. Your brain needs time to heal. Diego is correct that the general consensus is that it is bad. If you overdo it early on it can put you back several steps in healing.

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