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I get static pretty bad and the best way I can describe it is being somewhere between what I see and my thoughts. Along with static I have been seeing trippy stuff in this same plane of consciousness. Its like hallucinations that seem to fall short of reaching into my vision. Its like little pixels in my static are arranged into pictures that I can see overlapping my normal eyesight. I also feel like afterimages fit in this same place. I kind of think it is intertwined with my DP/DR, Its like I get so far dissociated from myself.

These thoughts and visions are so powerful and out of my control that it can be pretty scary and overwhelming at times, but it really makes me wonder about the insane potential of the human brain.

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I notice that you included Salvia in your tags... did you use that alot?

Salvia really changed the way I saw my visuals.... Beforehand, the visuals were overlayed onto real life, stressful, but at least it was all one "image"... after Salvia... they seem more distinct, seperated. Even worse, unfortunatly.

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Shannon - YES. The lines in the static when you move your hand across your visual field.

Jay - I did have a decent amount of salvia use. I used it probably about 7 times a year before I actually started getting HPPD symptoms although I think it really does have a lot to do with my HPPD. I think it set me up for the mushroom trip that triggered most of my HPPD symptoms. In hindsight it is a pretty scary drug. Even though it is only a 10 minute trip it does some weird shit to your brain. The main thing I noticed when tripping on salvia was that there was less hallucination for me and more of my thoughts and reality started blending into one. Im also surprised at how little it gets brought up on this site, I feel like it could cause a lot of problems.

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