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Has anyone tried latuda with lamotrogine and clonazepam to get help. I’ve been taking lexapro and lamotrogine and clonazepam. My doctor thinks I should try latuda since I’m diagnoded with either bipolar or borderline personality disorder. I’m just always worried of a new medication making things worse. Does anyone have any input or thoughts. It sounded like a good idea cuz it regulates dopamine which lexapro doesn’t. And I know people have said sinamet has helped them which sinamet has to do with dopamine. I don’t know just trying to find some guidance on sticking with lexapro or trying latuda. 

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My personal experience with hppd taught me to stay away from antipsychotics, ssri’s, and anything that ramps up glutamate too much. Also benzos should never be taken everyday else you risk hell when withdrawing. 


As for whether you try it, I don’t think anyone can tell you for sure if you’ll react well or not. You wouldn’t be the first person with hppd to react well to something that most react poorly to.

Getting better from this disorder is a combination of time and calculated risk. Once I understood that and stopped throwing things into my brain hoping they would work, I began to get better.


I did, however, need to find out what DIDNT work so I could figure out MOA’s that did help. If you do try it, go low and slow, keep a log of how you feel, and don’t start multiple new things at once else you will never get clear results for what works and what doesn’t.


best of luck,


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Thank you. Should I stop my lexapro and take just lamotrogine and clonazepam? I’m bipolar 2, borderline personality disorder. So he’s trying to keep me from getting so low and depressed or like a zhombie with no emotion. But I don’t want to make any of the wierd symptoms I have worse. It’s so hard to decide what to do. 

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