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Lamictal or Sinemet?

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Hey can someone help me out here..

I am hoping to try either Lamictal or Sinemet for my HPPD, DP/DR, Depresion, and Anxiety issues.

Can someone give me their opinion on which one of these might prove more effective in treating the above listed? Can they BOTH be taken together?

I should also note i took Lamictal some time ago and for the first two weeks it worked great but suddenly pooped out on me one day and i never felt releif from it again...

I have been in a slum the past 2 months so i need something to help break me out of it. Ever since i quit taking my last anti- depressant Celexa i have been really tired and agitated, staying up all night and waking up at 2-4pm in the afternoon. I just need something to help me out, can anyone recommend? Thanks!

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If Lamictal helped before, it must be worth another try? You may get prolonged benefits this time.

Regarding the sleep patterns... I forced my body back into a routine by getting up at 8:30am, no matter what time I got to sleep. It was a real struggle for a few weeks, but now I rarely stay awake past 1am

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