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Hi Everyone,

I’m writing this post as I need help. With the lens being aimed more and more at HPPD and Visual Snow, some assist is required from those of you who feel your skill set, talent and expertise can grow the Neurosensory Neuroregenerative Research Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to unravel the neurological basis and hopefully one day cure HPPD and Visual Snow.

What I need are at least 3 individuals able and willing to assume a board member position on the foundation. I’m also going to need someone fully proficient at WordPress to add content and manage the foubdation’s website; www.neurogroup.org.

You can reach me at info@neurogroup.org


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I’d appreciate it. Heal up. In the meantime I’ve been researching grant sources galore. Going to compartmentalize Dr. McConnell’s research proposal in a way that doesn’t disclose too much as well as request the salary requirements for his full time researcher who is interested in lending us a hand. 

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I am a skilled web developer, 20+ yrs experience. I also run my own company, I am partner in another one and have some board experience. I've also worked a bit with harm reduction a few years ago, and was about to start an organization for that, but yeah... then life screwed me. I might be interested in helping out.

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