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Question about anxiety and hallucinogen use

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Hello, I was curious if anyone else experiences the anxiety of the come-up on a psychedelic long after quitting drug use. It seems like once in a while I start feeling the setting-in of something like LSD even though I'm sober. I wasn't sure if this was apart of HPPD or if this was something unique to me since I had existing anxiety problems before I took drugs. Does anyone else have this happen to them? Like you can be doing something normal and all of a sudden start to feel like the acid is setting in or something. Thoughts?

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Yes!  Back when I used to take psychedelics, I rarely felt any sort of anxiety.  By the time I quit I realized that I was in rough shape.  Anxiety was a BIG problem early on.  Consuming cannabis made it much much worse.  Even one hit of weed could put me into a full blown paranoid panic attack.  Over time, my anxiety dissipated for the most part as long as I stay sober.  I tried cannabis some time ago (ten years ago?) and it still makes my anxiety and visuals go crazy.  I mean, to the point that I think I'm having a heart attack.  There is someone in this forum who describes hppd as "being on a low dose of acid after the learning and euphoria are gone"  (roughly what he said).  I still feel slightly dosed after all the years I've been clean.  So yes, it's common for those of us with this disorder.

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