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Hi, i'm a 21 year old university student and since early January i've had HPPD. It's started from ketamine use, when I used to do k I could feel the tinnitus and my vision would turn into this visual snow but after the trip it would wear off. One morning I woke up after a trip and it hadn't subsided and has remained ever since. It's hard to revise and concentrate with brain fog and the words almost shaking and I fear that it's going to affect my exams/future. Does anyone have any tips to get around brain fog or even just be able to focus on words on a computer screen without them shaking and flashing?

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For me, it was to just try harder.  Ages ago, when I would try to read a book, shapes would form around the text.  The shapes would start to move around as well.  In any case it made it very difficult to read.  I forced myself to sit down and read every day.  After a while the hallucinations went away as long as I was focused.  As soon as I lose that focus, the hallucinations come back but at least I could read.  Fast forward a number of decades and reading is easy.

Fighting back and not giving up is what got me through.


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