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I posted this in the medication section ...


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But I feel like the main general part of this website is mostly viewed (maybe). Anyways I was prescribed verapamil and am going to start taking in the next couple of weeks (I am nervous and also in school so I want to try to finish the semester first). But I was wondering if anyone has tried verapamil and what it did for them. I found 1 or 2 posts about how it’s helped people but I wanted to start up this convo and see if I can get more responses. I am terrified to make myself worse (my hppd is mild). Please respond :) 

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Never heard of it, but judging by the Wiki, it seems to work in a similar way to Keppra/Lamictal. 

It seems pretty "safe" in hppd terms... Just taper up gently. Interested to hear how it goes.

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