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About my situation. Is this HPPD?

Vinicius Moretti

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Hello guys! I want to introduct myself and i wanna your help about my situation, i will tell you my story to help us. Well, i have 22 years old. I always had Visual Snow, since my childhood i have anxiety, panic attacks, hypochondria, OCD, and other disturbs. The last year was hard to me, because i went to doctors to talk about my hypochondria, i thought i was with heart diseases and it was just my hypochondria. Since my 15 years old, i took some meds to control this disturbs like paroxetin and ritalin. Well, i never had took any drug, but in the last August, i took a half of a little candy of weed. I had a panic attack two hours later but too much less than the panic attacks that i had before. Next days, were normal, without any difference. Three weeks later, i had head pain and i researched about this, i discovered that could be headhache and one of the symptoms of headhache is visual snow. Then, i start to notice more my visual snow and it seems more worst than before. So i am too anxious about this, i remember about this and blaming myself everyday because i ate that candy with weed. I was in the shrink but she said is just my head kidding me but, i don't know, she even don't knew about the visual snow....So you think it is HPPD or just my head playing joke with me? That candy could increase my VS? I am too sad and anxious about it.... 

Thanks for your help!

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I'm not a doctor or a medical professional.  I'm just an old guy who has had hppd for a long time.  

You mentioned that you had visual snow, anxiety, and panic attacks before consuming cannabis.  Having a panic attack after consuming marijuana isn't that unusual.  Edibles can be very powerful and can produce a very uncomfortable experience in some people.  Noticing that your visual snow is worse may simply due to the added anxiety of have a bad experience.  I suspect you're not experiencing hppd symptoms.  Instead, the marijuana made your anxiety worse.  I'd stay clear of marijuana.  For some it's fine, for others (like me) it can produce a bad reaction.

Hang in there, and take care of yourself.

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Normal?  I think so.  I went to college, got married, raised two wonderful children, and have a profession.  I'm very happy and I'm grateful for each day.  I guess that's normal.  

I stopped using psychedelics around 1980.  Back then, this condition didn't have a name that I know of.  People who used a lot of psychedelics were just considered "burned out".  I doubt there were many doctors who had a clue.  

My approach was to stay sober and stay focused.  I did drink alcohol for some time in the 80s but gave that up as well.  I also follow a daily meditation practice which has been extremely helpful.  I try to exercise often as well.  I don't take any prescription medication.

In short, stay clean, stay focused, and keep moving.

Works for me.

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