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Hey guys, I've had HPPD for about two months now. Got it from one trip of 75ug acid. And did shrooms twice in the 2 months prior. It gotten better in a lot of ways. I'm not super sensitive to light anymore, no more negative afterimages, and color intensity is back to normal. But I still have visual snow and slight morphing of the walls. I also developed some positive afterimages and started to have slight tracers (basically looks like increased motion blur). I just really want it to go away eventually. If somehow I knew for sure this would eventually go away, even if it took years, I would be completely relaxed. I'm just scared this is my new reality. Do you think this will subside, or its here to stay. How long do you think it'll take. Any advice or comments are welcome 😀, thanks.

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I think your symptoms will continue to improve provided you don't dose.  It sounds like you've made a lot of progress already and that's a good sign.  Many of my symptoms went away though it took years (decades) . Then again, I dosed a lot!  Stay clean and give your brain a chance to bounce back to "normal" (whatever that is).

Hang in there.  Be strong.

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