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How does Ambien effect HPPD?


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I don’t mean to contraindicate jbalsa... but you should not take ambien. It’s too mich of a hypnotic and has a high chance of making your hppd worse—mental and physical. If you google around, you’ll find evidence for it doing this. People have been known to have hallucinations in it that seem oddly similar to delirient drugs. While some drugs are hit or miss for effecting hppd, I highly recommend you look elsewhere for sleeping aids. I’ve taken melatonin and trazadone in the past (although the later many people don’t react well to with hppd according to posts on this website).

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Hmm, maybe ambien is different - i've taken zopiclone (Imovaine) which has a very similar moa and found that it was almost identical to taking an ativan or two.


Maybe just take a milligram or two of ativan if you find you need the help getting to sleep. :)

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yeah see my last trip on acid was like mid november last year, and i never noticed any, and i mean any symptoms of hppd until about 2 months ago and the only drug other than caffine i had in that year span was an ambien maybe 1 week before it started kicking in, so i was just trying to figure out what kinda jump started it. 

side note: i will say i was an avid gym goer and would take pre workout with loads of caffine and while on it i noticed visual snow and i just thought it was due to the caffine (no other symptoms came with the vs on pre workout) so looking abck now yeah i may have had very very very and i mean very mild case of hppd cause i felt and saw perfectly normal until the ambien.

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