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Severe disequilibrium and motion sickness

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Hello everyone,

Two months ago I took LSD for the first time. I started with 2 tabs, which didn’t have much of an effect. Maybe mild Asperger’s had something to do with it. Then, two days later I ended up taking 4 tabs, goaded on by a friend. Really foolish, I know. I’d tried weed beforehand. 

During the trip, things were wavy and breathing and colours were very bright, but I didn’t experience ‘ego death’ or weird visuals.

A few days later, when the mild hallucinations and brightness didn’t go away I completely freaked out and tried several times to strangle myself with a rope, almost suffocating on one ocassion.

I still have visuals (like the edges of the room twitch, wavey lines, brightness) and disequilibrium, which is so bad to the point that I can barely leave the couch. Watching TV is hard because of motion sickness (shaky cameras), so I sit on the couch all day reading on my phone. I feel like a prisoner. 

I’ve started taking lamictal (25mg titrating up to 100mg). 

Has anyone else experienced this? Did it go away? 

Thank you for your feedback.

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I get a feeling of being off balance, which I think is part of the dp/dr... I don;t feel attached to my body, so controlling my body is harder to do.

I assume you are seeing a doctor, so maybe they can do some tests. It could be non hppd related and just coincidence?

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Swimming feeling can be a result of extreme panic and anxiety too. I have a general feeling of unsteadiness like im rocking swaying and tilting. No cause and ive seen tons of people having it from GAD, which i have. It tends to go away in time. Its like dr dp, if you constantly fixiate on it it will persist. Your balance isnt just controlled by your ears. Your eyes and senses have a hell of a lot to do with it too. So it can be because of your visual disturbances too. 

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